Gavin's results speak for themselves. Read and see how the personalized training and fitness plans have dramatically improved the confience of our clients and enabled them to achieve their goals.

I had a goal to lose 15 pounds in 10 weeks and training with Gavin Jordan helped me realize my goal. He’s very professional and told me exactly what I needed to do to accomplish my goal. I would recommend Gavin to anyone serious about getting to the next level of fitness.
— Ariel W.
Serious, very professional and tells it like it is. Totally natural trainer. Phenomenal knowledge of nutrition. This guy is badass. He is not a “club trainer”. He will kick your butt but make you feel great about yourself. He gets results.
— Bob B.
Gavin Jordan has been my fitness trainer since December 2000 and he is absolutely outstanding at what he does. He has been 100% reliable, honest and results-oriented...transforming my health and boosting my wellness. Gavin is a Renaissance Man - knowledgeable in many areas such as world affairs, finance, latin dancing, culinary arts - and a well-travelled, multilingual citizens of 3 continents. This makes conversations with him very interesting and tough workouts something to look forward to. He has made a huge impact on the quality of my life and I cannot recommend him enough.
— Daniel N.
Gavin Jordan has been my fitness trainer since 2000. In that time I have taken Pilates, Body Sculpting, Weight training and cardio. My husband and son also train with him. Throughout all of this there has always an emphasis on nutrition. Gavin has dedicated his life to Training and Nutrition and he helps you get results. He lives what he teaches and his knowledge, honesty and dedication are always at the forefront. His gym is a sight to behold. Not only does he have all of the equipment and amenities, the equipment is always operational and most importantly it is always clean. Once you train at his gym, you will never want to go anywhere else. I rarely miss my training sessions—I actually look forward to them—and I travel approximately 30 miles round trip to do so. Gavin also provides in-home training. To experience a personalized workout, do yourself a favor and call Gavin Jordan at 214-356-6626.
— Diane H.
Have just started working out with Gavin this year and the results in just 3 months are amazing. Best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Gavin is an excellent trainer who is focused on results for his clients.
— Dinah M.
Gavin is a very professional trainer that over the years helped me right, lose weight and get healthy. I highly recommend Gavin as a personal trainer.
— Eli S.
I have been training with Gavin Jordan for 12 years! He is an incredibly supportive and skilled personal trainer. I cannot recommend him highly enough!!! Not only does he keep me in great shape, he is reliable, dependable and fun to be around. You are in great hands with Gavin for whatever your personal training needs are. Whether it is to lose weight, maintain weight, or just get fit, you cannot go wrong with Gavin!
— Linda R.
The first time I trained with Gavin was the summer of 2014, when I stayed in Richardson for a summer job. During that summer, result was extremely positive. I reduced my body fat and increased lean muscle. That’s why in 2015 when I came back to Dallas, I decided to train with Gavin again. Gavin does not only provide guidance on training, he also offers me great tips on nutrition and diet from time to time. Gavin is a great trainer and I will keep training with him going forward.
— Peter Z.

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