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Fitness, strength training, and nutrition have always been strong components in my life. Since I was a young boy, I watched my father go to the gym every day and train, so being in shape became second nature for me. I was fortunate to have a positive role model in my life, but many have not had this life training; which is what ultimately led me to becoming a personal trainer. My father competed in the Mr. Universe Contest in 1966 and 1968; same time as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He won Junior Mr. South Africa and placed in the finals of the Mr. Universe in the late 1960's. Naturally, I was drawn to competing myself and have competed many times both in South Africa and the USA.                                                                           

I knew at a young age that fitness was my passion, my desire, and my niche. Sixteen years ago, I decided to take my knowledge of fitness and nutrition and begin to inspire, change, and teach people how to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle and look great…I can do the same for you! 


— Personal trainer for over 16 years

— Train individuals ages 8-80

— Increase positive self image, strength, and endurance   


— Pilates Certified through Physical Mind Institute

— Certified in Strength Training and Cardio (Cooper Institute, Apex)

— Specializing in:

⁕ Pilates

⁕ Kickboxing

⁕ Nutritional Guidance


— Competed in numerous body building competitions in Texas

⁕ Ronnie Coleman Classic – 3rd 2005

⁕ Lone Star Classic – 5th 2002

— Natural body builder; never used performance enhancing drugs