Virtual Fitness Consulting

You have questions. What should I eat? What is the right workout program for me? What about my diet? Whether in Dallas area or not, Gavin can help you.

If you’re not local to Dallas, you still have the opportunity to work with Gavin through his virtual fitness consulting. Gavin offers remote monitoring via the MyFitnessPal app for nutrition and diet and by using a heart monitor along with the Polar Beat and Polar Flow apps. Gavin is able to monitor the effectiveness of your workout and can develop and manage unique workout programs that work specifically for you and help you meet your goals.

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Let me help you create an effective workout regime to get you the body you've always wanted!

There’s no time like the present to start getting in shape and living healthier. Reach out to us so we can discuss your vision for your health. Your first consultation with us at JordanFit is completely free. Our services can help you not only attain a healthier, stronger body, but also to learn wholesome eating habits and workout skills that can benefit you for life. Contact us today at 214-356-6626 to schedule your consultation!