“Results are No Accident”

At JordanFit, each and every client of ours works personally with Gavin to help accomplish your goals. Nothing comes easy, but your effort can show returns with Gavin.

Clients are invited and encouraged to conduct their workouts at Gavin’s personal gym, where our modern, clean facility and supportive environment create a solid foundation for your personal training goals.

We offer a variety of personal training services in order to kickstart your unique program. Don’t wait another minute to get the body you’ve been waiting for—find out how our services can start you on your journey to fit today!


“I care about my clients getting into shape and they know it.”

Personal Training

You’ll work with Gavin in his personal gym, and will have 100% of his attention and focus during your workouts. Your personal plan Gavin develops for you will help you the rest of the time, and remote monitoring through MyFitnessPal will provide that extra help you need.

You’ll receive one-on-one personal training services with Gavin at JordanFit. Your training plan is specific to you. Gavin works with you to understand your struggles, your goals, and your ultimate body plan.

Gavin personally designs your training regimen for each and every session in order to gently but firmly push you forward, enhancing your capabilities and getting you that much closer to your goals of being fit and healthy.

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Let me help you create an effective workout regime to get you the body you've always wanted!

There’s no time like the present to start getting in shape and living healthier. Reach out to us so we can discuss your vision for your health. Your first consultation with us at JordanFit is completely free. Our services can help you not only attain a healthier, stronger body, but also to learn wholesome eating habits and workout skills that can benefit you for life. Contact us today at 214-356-6626 to schedule your consultation!