Client Case Study: Gary—60 Pounds Lighter and Healthier Thanks to JordanFit

After realizing that his health was in need of a change, Gary finally committed to get in shape and contacted Gavin at JordanFit in April 2016.

Since then, Gary has transformed his physical appearance, his health, and his confidence through the JordanFit program. In just a few months, Gary showed major improvements through his training with Gavin to reach his goals.

Gary, who is in his late 50s, heard about Gavin’s training program from another client of Gavin’s. Gary wanted to lose weight, feel better, and get in shape. He was concerned that if he neglected his health further, he might face serious consequences as he got older. The program at JordanFit motivated Gary to finally lose weight and live healthier.

Gary has found the JordanFit experience to be an excellent fit for him due to the accountability of the program as well as being able to track his workouts and his meals thanks to the tools Gavin has introduced to him, including the MyFitnessPal and Polar Flow apps.

In addition, JordanFit’s private, pristine gym provided everything Gary needed to conduct his workouts. The gym is stocked with all the same equipment as a full-size gym but with more privacy and better cleanliness. Gary really enjoys being able to work out in such an accommodating environment.

Gavin customized Gary’s training program to incorporate his target goals as well as include cardio and strength training during each workout. Through focusing on different areas of the body—such as shoulders, arms, and back—Gavin strategically planned Gary’s workouts in order for him to consistently improve and get in better shape.

Gavin was also able to assist Gary with nutrition guidance, especially keeping track of his food consumption and balancing the right nutrients through the MyFitnessPal app and the Polar Heart Rate Monitor in an effort to support Gary’s weight loss goals.

Today, Gary works out a few times a week with Gavin in addition to managing his own workouts. After losing 58 pounds, Gary remains motivated to eat healthy and continue the program. The MyFitnessPal app helps Gary to track his food and eat the right amount of the right foods—including some of Gavin’s food products—to keep him on target.

Thanks to the program at JordanFit and Gavin’s professional guidance, Gary now enjoys excellent health and loves continuing to train to be in his best shape. Congratulations, Gary! Keep up the great work!