How to Get the Right Serving Size

People talk a lot of serving sizes and controlling your portions as a way to stay fit and live a healthy life, but this can get confusing really fast and a lot of questions go unanswered. How much is a serving size? Should I measure in grams or ounces or cups? What if I don’t have a scale or measuring cups on hand? We’re here to help and give you the information you need to get the right serving sizes.

Our biggest piece of advice for people looking to manage their serving sizes better is to purchase a digital food scale. Not only will this give you the ability to switch between grams and ounces, but using it will help you learn what different serving sizes look like.

You’ll also run into different suggested serving sizes in grams, ounces, and cups. It’s important to know that grams and ounces are measures of mass (weight), while cups is a measure of volume. So use your digital scale for servings dealing with grams and ounces, but use measuring cups for cups.

If you do not have a scale, there are some conversions you can use to get an estimation.

  • 20g or 1oz = ⅓ cup

  • 55g or 2oz = ⅔ cup

  • 85g or 3oz = 1 cup

It is important to note that the conversions above are just estimations and the only way to ensure you’re getting the right serving size with grams and ounces is to use a scale.

Sometimes you’re not at home and need to measure your serving sizes. If you don’t have access to a scale or measuring cups, there are some eyeball size estimations you can use to help you get close to the right serving size.

  • ½ cup is the size of an ice cream scoop

  • 1 cup is the size of a tennis ball

  • 1 ounce of cheese is the size of a domino

The best part about managing your serving size is that over time it will become easier. Ounce you have measured out your food for a few weeks, you’ll start to learn and be able to see how many ounces a piece of meat is or the size of a proper serving of rice. It just takes a little bit of practice and soon it will be second nature.

So get on your way to a healthier lifestyle with your tips of managing your serving sizes. If you have any questions about how you can start managing your serving sizes or general questions about nutrition, contact us today.