Client Case Study: Matthew—Increasing Strength and Motivation, Decreasing Pounds at JordanFit

After realizing that his son Matthew needed additional support to live a healthier, more productive life, Matthew’s dad decided to give him the ultimate motivation: training sessions with Gavin at JordanFit.

Matthew’s dad realized his son was in need of extra encouragement at that time in his life. He thought that getting in shape would be the first step in a journey to improve his health and inspire him to live better. Fortunately, he was right!

Since beginning his training with Gavin in March of this year, Matthew has lost 20 pounds. His motivation and consistency with working out have improved dramatically. Matthew has been enjoying the JordanFit experience and has reaped the benefits of getting in shape at JordanFit’s facility.

JordanFit’s private, state-of-the-art training gym has allowed Matthew to not only conduct his workouts in a supportive environment, but to also be held accountable for his exercise regimen.

When first starting his training with Gavin, Matthew could lift 75 pounds in weights. Now, just six months later, he’s lifting more than double this original weight. By working with Matthew to discover his goals and designing a custom training regimen for him, Gavin was able to provide Matthew with the tools he needed for success.

In addition to weekly workouts, Gavin is also working with Matthew to help him take advantage of the MyFitnessPal app to better track his workouts and be even more consistent when working out at home. The use of apps helps clients like Matthew to use their workout data to plan better exercises in the future and also to eat healthier to facilitate a stronger, healthier body.

Matthew is looking forward to continuing the JordanFit program and training with Gavin to improve his strength, endurance, and motivation even more to be the best version of himself!

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